Positively Psychedelic

The New York Times release a story on their snapchat about what we could learn from psychedelics. The article calls for us to possibly reevaluate the classification of drugs like marijuana, LSD and ecstasy for their potential with health benefits. There have been experimental treatments fro each of these types of drugs and all three have found positive effects.

I think this topic is so interesting because these drugs have such a negative stigma around them because they “carry a high risk of abuse” which clouds the thought that they could positively improve someone’s life. Also it is interesting to note that the way that our laws are set up now, people can/have gone to jail for a lot of years for the possession of these drugs. Its pretty crazy and a little ridiculous that there are people who’s lives have been ruined because they were caught with marijuana but at the same time there are people who have killed people and gotten off free, or with little punishment.

What would a reevaluation of the classification of these drugs do for those that are in prison already? Also why would our government want to keep something that could benefit many lives just out of reach?


Picture: thoseconspiracyguys.com

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